Your protection & security

Profile safety & online security

RSVP takes your safety seriously and is committed to quality customer service. We constantly monitor the site for scams and unusual member behaviour, to provide you with a safe environment.

Our customer service team manually check profiles for authenticity and are trained on monitoring and spotting scam behaviour and profile information. In addition, the RSVP site has a number of automatic checks that validate information on members including:

  • Technical information that uniquely identifies every user.
  • System checks for trends in suspicious profile text, email content and other site behaviour.
  • Flagging member profiles for review

We are continually evaluating and enhancing our scam identification processes and encourage you to report anything that you think may be suspicious.

Privacy and anonymity

Keep your personal info private

Our No. 1 tip for privacy - Don't rush into meeting someone offline! Only swap your personal details when you are comfortable to do so. RSVP has a safe mailing system for members so that you don't have to swap personal email addresses or phone numbers until you are ready. We recommend you keep your correspondence within our system until you feel comfortable to share your personal email address. Most scams occur because the scammer tries to take you off RSVP as quickly as possible, so be careful of this scenario.

If you do decide to share any contact details, we suggest you use Gmail, Yahoo!, Hotmail or another free email service provider. We suggest you don't share your work email address or your surname, as it makes it easy for someone to find out more about you via Facebook or possibly through your place of work.

Playing it safe

Trust your instincts

If it's too good to be true - it probably is! And if you feel uneasy about someone, online or offline, there's probably a good reason. Don't tell yourself you're being anxious. 

Never get financially involved

Play it safe when it comes to money. Never send money or offer financial assistance to someone you're just getting to know - even if they claim it's an emergency or they'll pay you back. If someone mentions financial difficulties, or needing financial assistance, please contact us so we can investigate this further.


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