Enabling cookies

For trouble-free interaction with our site, please make sure cookies are enabled on your web browser.

How to enable cookies:

Internet Explorer

  1.        Click 'Tools' in your browser tool bar.
  2.        Select 'Internet options'.
  3.        Hit 'Privacy' and select 'Advanced options'.
  4.        Both the 1st party and 3rd party cookies should be set to 'Accept' (or at a minimum, 'Prompt').
  5.        Select 'Apply' or 'OK' and you're done


Go to 'Preferences' and click 'Security'. In 'Accept cookies' section, follow the prompts to specify when Safari should accept cookies.

Other browsers

If using another browser, head to their help section and search for 'cookies'.

Deleting cookies

Deleting cookies depends on the browser you're using. Usually you'll find it in the tools menu. The easiest way to find out is to type 'Delete cookies' into your browser help toolbar.

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