Stamp Guarantee Terms and Conditions

If your message is unread after 30 days

If a member has asked you to message them, but does not read your message within 30 days, we will automatically issue you a replacement Stamp.

You will receive a replacement Stamp if:

  • A member sends you a Kiss or a positive reply to your Kiss; then
  • You use a Stamp to send them a personal message; and
  • The first personal message you sent has not been read after 30 days

Kisses that ask for more information do not qualify as a member asking you to message them. If you send a personal message after receiving the following Kisses, you would not be entitled to a replacement stamp:

  • I'd like to find out more about you. Can you please update your profile?
  • I'd like to see if we're compatible! Can you please complete your personality survey?
  • I don't think we are suited but I wanted to let you know that you've got a great profile! 

Similarly, you are not entitled to a replacement stamp if you send a personal message after receiving a "Not interested" reply.


If the recipient is suspended

If you use a Stamp to send a message, and the recipient is suspended within 30 days, your Stamp will be replaced 7 days after the suspension date.


How long is my replacement Stamp valid for?

Your replacement Stamp will have the same expiry period as your original Stamp did when you purchased it (not the same expiry date). E.g. if your original Stamp was valid for 3 months when new, your replacement stamp would be valid for 3 months from the date it was replaced.

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