Renew/cancel subscription (iPhone App)

I want to renew/cancel my subscription

If you purchased your Premium+ subscription through your iOS device, your subscription is managed via your Apple iTunes account. Unfortunately, RSVP’s Support Team does not have permission to help you cancel, manage, update or refund your subscription on your iOS device.

Luckily, you have complete control of your subscription via the ‘Settings’ on your iOS device. For full details on how to renew or cancel your subscription, simply follow the instructions on Apple Support’s Managing Your Subscriptions page. (link

If you choose to cancel your Premium+ subscription, it will continue until the end of your current billing cycle. Neither RSVP nor Apple is able to immediately end the subscription prior to the end of your billing cycle.

If you have more questions about your Premium+ subscription purchased through your iOS device, you can contact Apple Support. (link

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