Membership FAQs

Things you should know about our memberships:

  • Payments can be made online via credit card or PayPal (stamps only).
  • To ensure an uninterrupted service, all credit card subscriptions are automatically renewed one day before they expire.
  • Credit card details are stored to allow for future auto renewals.
  • You can permanently delete or update your credit card details from the payment management
  • You can cancel the automatic renewal of your subscription by going to the payment management page and selecting the 'Cancel membership' link under RSVP memberships.

Does my membership allow me to contact other members?

If you hold a Premium Plus membership you will automatically receive 4 stamps per month that will allow you to contact members. All other memberships you'll still need to buy Stamps for messaging and chat.

Read more - how to buy Stamps

Can I put my membership on hold?

No, you can’t put memberships on hold.

What happens if my membership lapses?

If your membership lapses, you'll lose access to their features but not the RSVP site. Upon renewal all membership settings are reinstated.

My membership has lapsed and now my hidden members are visible again.

That's because with lapsed memberships, access to features like hidden members is lost. If you choose to renew however, features such as these are reinstated.

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