Wink and email etiquette

Playing nice is important to all members on  RSVP, and this includes making sure you respond to all Winks and messages members send you (including those you'd prefer to ignore!). 

Honesty is the best policy

To make the honesty part easy, there's a range of standard Wink replies you can use (ranging from the outright flirtatious, to warm encouragement and the gentle let-down). 

Even if you're not into someone, please be truthful. This helps ensure that people don't take it further by purchasing a Stamp to send you a message that's not welcomed. If it does happen to get to the message stage with someone you don't really like, please remember that they've just spent money to contact you, so it's worth an email response (even if it's a kind 'thanks but no thanks').

The maximum Wink count

To prevent unwanted (repeat) attention, you get one wink to send to a particular member. So please bear this in mind when sending out winks - and if you don’t receive a positive reply, please take it on the chin and keep moving. There are plenty more members out there on RSVP!

The blocked member function

You have the ability to block any member from viewing your profile. Once blocked, they will not be able to view your profile or get in touch with you - you will be hidden from them. See how to block a member.

If things get tricky

We avoid taking sides in disputes between our members. When communicating, we suggest that you keep all transcripts of correspondence - they may come in handy if you need help resolving any issues down the track. If you find that a particular member is breaking RSVP’s member guidelines, please email Customer Service and we can follow up your report and take appropriate action if necessary.

In any situation we urge you to always maintain caution and use your better judgement - while still keeping an open mind to the possibilities that lie ahead. 

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