Conversations tab

The 'Conversations' tab on another members profile will display all the communication you have had with a member for the past six months.

In the 'Conversations' tab you can: 

  • Review your conversations with other members that you have communicated with in the past six months. The oldest contact will be at the top, newest at the bottom. By default the most recent messages are shown. Click the load earlier messages link to see older communication.
  • You can respond to winks and messages. Just under your messages there is a communication panel allowing you to respond to winks and messages. Your message editor includes the following great features:

o    Emoticons/Smiles Read receipts - You will be notified when the member receiving it reads your message. This feature is for stamp-holders or upgraded members only.

o    Save - Selecting this button will save your message as a draft and you can come back to it later in the mailbox. If you forget to save your message, don't worry RSVP now automatically saves your drafts every 30 seconds as you type. These are stored as a draft so you can finish them off when you have the time!


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