Viewing and responding to a Kiss

If you receive Kisses, a notice will appear on the RSVP site and in your mailbox. 

Always reply, always!

It's good etiquette (and free) to respond to all Kisses (There are options in Kiss replies that allow you to let other members down gently.) Think about it if the shoe were on the other foot - if you sent a Kiss and were waiting on a reply, wouldn't you rather hear from that member than be left waiting? Having a high reply rate improves your profile's position in search results and the more you reply the greater your chance of making RSVP’s Top 100 list.

Replying on the RSVP site

  1. Log in to RSVP.
  2. Go to the Mailbox.
  3. Check your inbox for Kisses and open the conversation.
  4. Select your preferred Kiss reply (there are many to choose from).
  5. Hit 'Send Kiss' and you're done.

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