About your mailbox

Your mailbox is made up of four sections, Mutual, Likes Me, I like and RSVP messages. You can view your kisses and conversations from the last 30 days listed under the relevant tabs and those older than 30 days via the ‘Show archive’ link.

Each conversation with another member is under 'Mutual'. 'Likes me' lets you know who's kissed you, 'I like' includes kisses you've sent and 'RSVP messages' are messages sent from RSVP. 

  • Mutual: shows your email conversations you have had with other members and mutual kisses. 
  • Likes me: lets you know who has sent you a positive kiss and is interested in getting to know you.
  • I like: are kisses you've sent members letting them know you're interested in getting to know them.
  • Flagging conversations. You can flag any conversation to remember which of these you want to come back to later. Note that this does not add the member to your favourites, and is a separate function.
  • Deleting conversations. You can remove conversations and kisses by selecting the tick box to the left of that conversation then selecting the delete button at the bottom of the section. Please remember, it’s polite to reply to messages before removing them from your mailbox.

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